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Water Heater

We at Roth Plumbing Santa Monica take pride in being the most trusted source for water heater services in Los Angeles.

We provide a full range of water heater services, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Our incredibly skilled technicians specialize in servicing all types of residential and commercial water heaters, including tank, and tankless water heaters from every make and model.

24 Hour Water Heater Plumbing Service

Same-Day Water Heater Installation Los Angeles

Installation of a water heater requires a great deal of technical knowledge and expertise. Therefore, the job should be taken care of by a professional technician.

For a reliable and accurate installation of the water heater, you can rely on Roth Plumbing Santa Monica.

We will help you choose the perfect water heater for you and your family based on your hot water needs, such as its cost, size, and type of fuel.

Once the heater is there, our technicians can install it with utmost precision so that it stays in its peak operating condition for many years to come.

New water heater installation services
Water Heater Repair

Los Angeles Water Heater Repair

Our technicians have extensive experience dealing with all type of water heater problems.

If you notice any of the following issues with your unit, reach out to us for a precise diagnosis and repair.

  • Irregular Water Temperatures
  • Discolored or Smelly Water
  • Strange Noises Coming From the Tank
  • Leaking Water Heater
  • Water Won’t Drain Through the Drain Valve
  • Reduced Hot Water Pressure

Water Heater Replacement Service in Los Angeles

If the water heater at your property is old or damaged beyond the point of being repaired, it is better to replace the water heater than trying to repair it.

Our team of experts can help you with the process of replacing the water heater and can do anything from providing you with details on the types of models to getting it ordered and putting it in.

Whether you want a conventional unit or a tankless water heater, we will handle everything with professionalism.

Water heater replacement service
Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance Los Angeles

If treated with proper care, your water heater can last for many years. However, without regular maintenance, the water heater will start to wear and malfunction.

Entrust your water heater maintenance to Roth Plumbing Santa Monica.

We will perform a regular tune-up and identify and fix any minor issues before they become serious and require costly repairs, thereby helping you save money over the long term.

24/7 Emergency Water Heater Repair LA

Serious water heater problems like a leak require immediate assistance. That’s why our emergency technicians are available 24/7 to take care of your urgent service requests, anytime, anywhere in Los Angeles.

Your Trusted Los Angeles Water Heater Experts

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted company to handle your water heater needs, look no further than Roth Plumbing Santa Monica.

Call at (424) 231-0943 to speak with a water heater expert.